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  • Baby Beboo Bear (Telugu-English)

    Baby Beboo Bear (Telugu-English) $14.95

    This is the story of Beboo, a baby sloth bear. Beboo lives in the jungle. Many other bears are not so lucky. They are caught by humans and made to dance on the streets of towns and cities for entertainment. This is also...

  • Balu's Basket (Telugu-English)

    Balu's Basket (Telugu-English) $15.95

    One day, Balu finds a basket. What does he do with it. Bright, clean pictures create a cheerful backdrop for this fruit-filled book.

  • Carry me. Mama! (Telugu-English)

    Carry me. Mama! (Telugu-English) $13.95

    Ducks, tigers, pangolins, penguins.... This book introduces young readers to a variety of animals and the different ways in which they carry their young. Bold illustrations set against textured backgrounds portray the...

  • Five Little Monkeys (Telugu-English)

    Five Little Monkeys (Telugu-English) $15.95

    Mister Crocodile gets very angry when five little monkeys tease him from a tree. Aaaaaaaa... gobak! What happens then? An old favourite is infused with rhythm, repetition and bilingual flavour, to create an unforgettable...

  • Follow the Ants (Telugu-English)

    Follow the Ants (Telugu-English) $13.95

    Across the room, over a table, under a chair... Anita follows a long line of ants. Where do they take her? Zestful pictures capture the curiosity of a lively little girl and introduce young readers to some simple, everyday...

  • Four Friends (Telugu-English)

    Four Friends (Telugu-English) $13.95

    Big Hunter catches poor Deer in a net. Can Deer's friends help him escape? A well-loved fable about friendship and resourcefulness, simply told. The illustrations have the strong lines, vivid colours and animation of...

  • Guddu's Photo (Telugu-English)

    Guddu's Photo (Telugu-English) $14.95

    Guddu-???+-?-+s mother wants to take a photo of him. But Guddu will not smile! A child-???+-?-+s toys come to life in Nandini Nayar-???+-?-+s story. Zeel Sanghvi-???+-?-+s animated illustrations are picture perfect.

  • Have you seen this? (Telugu-English)

    Have you seen this? (Telugu-English) $12.95

    It's a very mixed-up world where flowers talk and trees fly! The goofy text of this mad little bilingual spins on whacky illustrations that whirl the reader along.

  • Line And Circle (Telugu-English)

    Line And Circle (Telugu-English) $13.95

    This book uses a simple, direct approach to present a basic concept. It encourages children to recognise forms through lines and circles and observe them in the world around. As the two forms come together to create various...

  • Little Frog (Telugu-English)

    Little Frog (Telugu-English) $13.95

    Little Frog, who has lived all his life as a tadpole in the water so far, leaps on to land for the first time when he grows into a frog. He is surprised to find the land dry and he asks his mother when it will rain. When the...

  • Miaow! (Telugu-English)

    Miaow! (Telugu-English) $13.95

    A black cat with bright green eyes becomes a white cat with bright green eyes. How does this happen? But this is only the beginning of the adventure.

  • My Friends in the City (Telugu-English)

    My Friends in the City (Telugu-English) $13.95

    Who says the city belongs only to people? Meet Moti the elephant, Phad Phad the pigeon, Banno the buffalo, and many other two- and four-legged creaturs that also live in the city. Photographs and cheerful illustrations...

  • My House (Telugu-English)

    My House (Telugu-English) $12.95

    Pranav wants Maya to come to his house. "Why?" Maya wants to know. Bright pictures form a cheery backdrop to a narrative that sees a house through a child's eyes, and makes a good introduction to colours.

  • Neelu's Big Box (Telugu-English)

    Neelu's Big Box (Telugu-English) $12.95

    A big box, her grandparents' walking sticks… Neelu has everything she needs for her big, strong fort. But she trips and falls, and the box becomes flat! Whacky pictures take us on a colourful ride into a child's...

  • No! (Telugu-English)

    No! (Telugu-English) $12.95

    Papa tries to wake up Annika, but all Annika says is "No!". What does Papa do now? Playful and endearing pictures capture a spirited little girl in a familiar morning scene in many homes.

  • Not Yet! (Telugu-English)

    Not Yet! (Telugu-English) $17.95

    "My dear, it’s time for bed," says Ma. But "Can a frog stand on its head?" wonders her little girl. Lost in a world where she must learn to fly with birds in the sky, snuggle a whale, kiss the kangaroo... she has so...

  • Purple Jojo (Telugu-English)

    Purple Jojo (Telugu-English) $13.95

    One day, Jojo the dog wakes up to find purple spots on his body. "Bowwow!" says Jojo. Where did they come from? Jojo sets off on a search... This charming tale with a twist is also a wonderful introduction to colour.

  • The Birdie Post (Telugu-English)

    The Birdie Post (Telugu-English) $14.95

    Chikki’s mother tells her to give a message to Bitti Aunty. But Chikki is very very lazy! What does she do? Follow the feathers for a chirpy new take on ‘tweeting’!

  • The Lion and the Fox (Telugu-English)

    The Lion and the Fox (Telugu-English) $13.95

    The smart lion thinks he can use the fox to bring him food every day. But the fox is smarter. A familiar fable with innovative twists and a whole new environmental angle. The rich, energetic illustrations draw from the art...

  • The Rabbit in the Moon (Telugu-English)

    The Rabbit in the Moon (Telugu-English) $13.95

    When a herd of elephants creates trouble in the jungle, do the little rabbits run away in fear? No! From Aztec to Chinese, there are many versions of the story about the rabbit in the moon. The illustrations for this one...