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  • Alfie's Angels (Czech-English)

    Alfie's Angels (Czech-English) $22.95

    Alfie is a little boy with a big imagination. He longs to be an angel in the school show. But aren't all angels girls? Discover how Alfie's enthusiasm wins over his classmates and teacher and makes his dreams come true...

  • Augustus and His Smile (Czech-English)

    Augustus and His Smile (Czech-English) $22.95

    Augustus the tiger was sad. He had lost his smile. So he did a HUGE tigery stretch, and set off to find it. He passes shiny insects, birds, mountains, fish and gets caught up in a rainstorm...

  • Beowulf: An Anglo-Saxon Epic (Czech-English)

    Beowulf: An Anglo-Saxon Epic (Czech-English) $23.95

    Grendel, the most evil creature alive, is killing and devouring Hrothgar's bravest warriors. For twelve long years none can stop his evil ways until Beowulf, the strongest and mightiest Great warrior, arrives on the Danish...

  • Brrmm! Let's Go! (Czech-English)

    Brrmm! Let's Go! (Czech-English) $22.95

    Look at different types of transport around the world: different types of vehicles - cars, bicycle rickshaws, trains, trains, planes, gondolas, animals, on land, sea or air... Children from around the world introduce the...

  • Don't Cry Sly! (Czech-English)

    Don't Cry Sly! (Czech-English) $23.95

    How's Sly going to catch Little Red? By being a cunning fox. How's Little Red going to escape? By being a lucky hen. How's Little Red going to stop Sly from coming after her? By being a kind and clever hen. But how's Sly...

  • Flash Bang Wheee! (Czech-English)

    Flash Bang Wheee! (Czech-English) $18.45

    Amber is terrified when she hears loud noises coming from the sky. What is it? "Fireworks!" mum explained. When mum and dad took her to see the fireworks display Amber was still frightened. But when she sees Jamie enjoying...

  • Floppy in the Dark (Czech-English)

    Floppy in the Dark (Czech-English) $18.45

    The summer's so hot that the sweet carrot ices melt before your first lick. There's no better time to sleep in a tent. Floppy has his secret supply of carrots and even his hero's cape. But what's that noise? This enchanting...

  • Goal! Let's Play! (Czech-English)

    Goal! Let's Play! (Czech-English) $22.95

    Discover some of the world's best loved games and sports. Whether swimming in Nigeria, running in France, or camel racing in Dubai, children will be inspired to join in the action. This book is part of the "Our Lives, Our...

  • Keeping Up with Cheetah (Czech-English)

    Keeping Up with Cheetah (Czech-English) $18.45

    Cheetah liked telling jokes and running. His best friend, Hippopotamus, laughed at all his jokes even though they weren't very funny. But that wasn't enough for Cheetah, who wanted a friend who could also run. Find out how...

  • Line and Circle (Czech-English)

    Line and Circle (Czech-English) $11.95

    Here is a line, there is a circle. Line meets circle and together they have lots of fun making things.... a bird, a wheel, a kite.

  • Listen, Listen (Czech-English)

    Listen, Listen (Czech-English) $18.45

    Introduce young readers to the sights and sounds of the year from summer's sizzling sun to winter's crackling snow. Featuring breathtaking illustrations by internationally renowned illustrator, Alison Jay, this book will...

  • Marek and Alice's Christmas (Czech-English)

    Marek and Alice's Christmas (Czech-English) $18.45

    It's Christmas Eve in Poland and Marek and Alice are celebrating Christmas with their grand parents. But why does babcia (grandmother) set an extra place at the table and prababcia (great grandmother) bring some hay? Part...

  • Mei Ling's Hiccups (Czech-English)

    Mei Ling's Hiccups (Czech-English) $18.45

    The class party is just finishing when HIC! Mei Ling has hiccups and they will not go away. The children in her class try to help her with different suggestions learned from home. But Mei Ling-???+-?-+s hiccups just keep...

  • Not Again, Red Riding Hood! (Czech-English)

    Not Again, Red Riding Hood! (Czech-English) $23.95

    Little Red Riding Hood has ten cookies to take to her dad. On the way she meets some familiar, and hungry, characters. Rapunzel, the three bears, three billy goats. But as always there is a problem, a wolf is in the way...

  • Pandora's Box: A Greek Myth (Czech-English)

    Pandora's Box: A Greek Myth (Czech-English) $23.95

    The famous Greek myth of Pandora's Box tells the story of the creation of life on earth and the loss of innocence. Pandora, created by Zeus, is given the gifts of the gods and sent to earth where Epimetheus falls in love...

  • Sam's First Day (Czech-English)

    Sam's First Day (Czech-English) $18.45

    Sam loved to talk. On his first day at school he talked and talked all the way there. But when Sam got to school, he stopped talking. Sam enjoyed writing. He enjoyed playing games. He enjoyed reading but he just would not...

  • That's My Mum (Czech-English)

    That's My Mum (Czech-English) $23.95

    Mia and her friend Kai don't look like their mums. When Mia goes out with her mum people assume that she's not her mum. When Mia and Kai go out together with their mums there is total confusion. This never happens when they...

  • The Buskers of Bremen (Czech-English)

    The Buskers of Bremen (Czech-English) $23.95

    What can four animals do when they are no longer wanted? Run off to Bremen to become buskers. Bremen however is a long way away and our four heroes are old. When they stop for the night they see a ramshackle house and decide...

  • The Children of Lir: A Celtic Legend (Czech-English)

    The Children of Lir: A Celtic Legend (Czech-English) $23.95

    This Celtic myth conjures up the cold and icy North Sea where an evil queen transforms her step children into swans, doomed to live for a thousand years. A powerful and tragic myth, with hugely evocative illustrations, that...

  • The Dragon's Tears (Czech-English)

    The Dragon's Tears (Czech-English) $22.95

    This moving folk story tells how the twenty four lakes of the River Min came to be called the Dragon-???+-?-+s Tears. When Chin Wah releases a golden fish he is rewarded with the gift of a magic pearl. But this is when his...