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  • Grandfather's Story Cloth (Hmong-English)

    Grandfather's Story Cloth (Hmong-English) $24.00

    Chersheng's grandfather is beginning to forget things: little things like turning off the water faucet and big things like Chersheng's name. Sometimes he even forgets that he is in America now. Chersheng feels sad and...

  • I Won't Bite! (Hmong-English)

    I Won't Bite! (Hmong-English) $21.00

    I Won't Bite! invites children to explore various animals through the magic of touch! Kids will love feeling the mouse's fuzzy ears, the bunny's fluffy tail, rubbing a monkey's furry chest, and sliding their fingers over a...

  • Mei Ling's Hiccups (Hmong-English)

    Mei Ling's Hiccups (Hmong-English) $20.95

    The class party is just finishing when HIC! Mei Ling has hiccups and they will not go away. The children in her class try to help her with different suggestions learned from home. But Mei Ling-???+-?-+s hiccups just keep...

  • Seven Magic Brothers (Hmong-English)

    Seven Magic Brothers (Hmong-English) $24.00

    An evil Emperor plots to destroy seven magical brothers. Although he puts each one of them through separate trials, the unity of the brothers gives them them the strength to triumph. Rich in detail and color, children are...

  • Story of the Chinese Zodiac (Hmong-English)

    Story of the Chinese Zodiac (Hmong-English) $24.00

    How were the twelve animals chosen for the Chinese Zodiac? And why does the rat come first? These, and other questions, are answered in this hilarious version of the Chinese zodiac legend. The breathtaking, colorful,...

  • The Ballad of Mulan (Hmong-English)

    The Ballad of Mulan (Hmong-English) $24.00

    According to legend, there was a young woman in China named Mulan whose aged and frail father was conscripted. Mulan, unwilling to see her father fighting in a war, disguised herself as a man and joined the army in his place...

  • The Making of Monkey King (Hmong-English)

    The Making of Monkey King (Hmong-English) $24.00

    In The Making of Monkey King, the fantastic beginning of this unforgettable hero is told. Magically born from a rock, he is crowned Monkey King by his fellow monkeys after finding a sanctuary for them. Anxious to make the...

  • The Mouse Bride: A Chinese Folktale (Hmong-English)

    The Mouse Bride: A Chinese Folktale (Hmong-English) $24.00

    "Are you the strongest being in the world?" the old mouse leader asked the Sun, Cloud, Wind, and Wall. The mouse leader is searching for the mightiest husband for his daughter, someone strong enough to protect her and the...