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  • Aliens Love Underpants (Haitian_Creole-English)

    Aliens Love Underpants (Haitian_Creole-English) $22.95

    Aliens love underpants, in every shape and size, But there are no underpants in space, so here's a big surprise...." You probably thought aliens came down to Earth with a view to taking over the planet - but, no, they simply...

  • Augustus and His Smile (Haitian_Creole-English)

    Augustus and His Smile (Haitian_Creole-English) $22.95

    Augustus the tiger was sad. He had lost his smile. So he did a HUGE tigery stretch, and set off to find it. He passes shiny insects, birds, mountains, fish and gets caught up in a rainstorm...

  • How Many? (Haitian_Creole-English)

    How Many? (Haitian_Creole-English) $8.50

    What better way to learn to count than guessing how many baby animals there are each time one more is added. . .all the way to six! These interactive Photoflaps™ are perfect first books.

  • I Took the Moon for a Walk (Haitian_Creole-English)

    I Took the Moon for a Walk (Haitian_Creole-English) $23.95

    Follow the magical adventure of a young boy who goes exploring with his friend, the Moon. I Took the Moon for a Walk combines lyrical verse with detailed illustrations, creating a dramatic backdrop for this imaginative...

  • Keeping Up with Cheetah (Haitian_Creole-English)

    Keeping Up with Cheetah (Haitian_Creole-English) $20.95

    Cheetah liked telling jokes and running. His best friend, Hippopotamus, laughed at all his jokes even though they weren't very funny. But that wasn't enough for Cheetah, who wanted a friend who could also run. Find out how...

  • Listen, Listen (Haitian_Creole-English)

    Listen, Listen (Haitian_Creole-English) $22.95

    Introduce young readers to the sights and sounds of the year from summer's sizzling sun to winter's crackling snow. Featuring breathtaking illustrations by internationally renowned illustrator, Alison Jay, this book will...

  • Sports Day in the Jungle (Haitian_Creole-English)

    Sports Day in the Jungle (Haitian_Creole-English) $20.95

    Sloth is far too slow to compete in the jungle games. As all the other animals practise their special sports, Sloth can only look on... and sigh! Swinging from branch to branch, Monkey teases Sloth day after day. But when...

  • The Wild Washerwomen (Haitian_Creole-English)

    The Wild Washerwomen (Haitian_Creole-English) $20.95

    Meet the washerwomen: Dottie, Lottie, Molly, Dolly, Winnie, Minnie, and Ernestine. They work from dusk till dawn scrubbing and soaping but their mound of grubby hankies and grimy nightshirts grows bigger by the day. When...

  • What Happens Next? (Haitian_Creole-English)

    What Happens Next? (Haitian_Creole-English) $8.50

    This interactive book invites children to posit what will happen next. We see a baby and a baby's bath. What happens next? Lift the flap and see. Each book in the Photoflaps™, series has five flaps for babies to lift...

  • Where Does It Go? (Haitian_Creole-English)

    Where Does It Go? (Haitian_Creole-English) $8.50

    Everything has a place. Shoes go on feet, hats on heads and snugly teddy bears in loving arms. As children lift the interactive flaps they'll see exactly where things go. Featuring children of many races and abilities, the...

  • Where's the Baby? (Haitian_Creole-English)

    Where's the Baby? (Haitian_Creole-English) $8.50

    Where's the baby? Whether they're in the bath or in the chair, you can always find them under the flap. Featuring babies of all ethnicities, these interactive Photoflaps-??? offer a quick game of hide-and-seek on every page...

  • Where's the Kitten? (Haitian_Creole-English)

    Where's the Kitten? (Haitian_Creole-English) $8.50

    Where does a tiny furry kitten sit? On a shelf, in a toy box, a knocked-down bag of groceries--the kitten manto get into all of them! As little readers turn each page and lift the flap, the kitten becomes harder to find, but...

  • Where's the Puppy? (Haitian_Creole-English)

    Where's the Puppy? (Haitian_Creole-English) $8.50

    A puppy, just like a baby, has lots of different things, and you can see some of them: A toy, a bed and even a bowl for food. But where is the puppy? As you turn each page you'll see some of the puppy's favorite things, but...