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  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Bulgarian-English)

    Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Bulgarian-English) $22.95

    A long time ago in Arabia, on a full night, Ali Baba noticed something very strange as he gathered firewood. A rumbling sound, like thunder, came not from the sky but from beneath the earth... Richard Holland's brilliant use...

  • Am I small? (Bulgarian-English)

    Am I small? (Bulgarian-English) $17.95

    Tamia is not sure and keeps asking various animals that she meets on her journey. Eventually she finds the surprising answer...

  • Ellie's Secret Diary - Bully (Bulgarian-English)

    Ellie's Secret Diary - Bully (Bulgarian-English) $24.95

    Read Ellie's secret diary to see how she coped with bullying and how she won through. Help is at hand!

  • Farmer Duck (Bulgarian-English)

    Farmer Duck (Bulgarian-English) $22.95

    There once was a duck who had the bad luck to live with a lazy farmer. While the duck worked, the farmer lay in bed - until one day the other animals decided to take action!

  • Fox Fables (Bulgarian-English)

    Fox Fables (Bulgarian-English) $23.95

    Fables have always shown us the fundamental truths of human nature. This new dual-language series from Mantra Lingua is a fantastic way to explore the rich diversity of fables from different cultures. Each book consists of...

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Bulgarian-English)

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Bulgarian-English) $22.95

    "Stop Goldilocks, go back home. Woods aren't safe for a child all alone!" But Goldilocks doesn't listen to the warning. And so begins her adventure! She walks through the woods until she comes to the bears' house and sees...

  • Hansel & Gretel (Bulgarian-English)

    Hansel & Gretel (Bulgarian-English) $23.95

    At a time of a great and terrible famine, Hansel and Gretel are abandoned in the woods by their parents. Lost and hungry, they find a magical house made of sweets and cakes. But when they take their first bite a strange...

  • I'm Coming to Get You (Bulgarian-English)

    I'm Coming to Get You (Bulgarian-English) $20.95

    After chomping his way through the planets of his own galaxy, a hungry monster sets off in his spaceship in search of a new planet to gobble up. He sets his sights on a pretty blue planet called Earth. Little Tommy Brown,...

  • Marek and Alice's Christmas (Bulgarian-English)

    Marek and Alice's Christmas (Bulgarian-English) $23.95

    It's Christmas Eve in Poland and Marek and Alice are celebrating Christmas with their grand parents. But why does babcia (grandmother) set an extra place at the table and prababcia (great grandmother) bring some hay? Part...

  • My Daddy is a Giant (Bulgarian-English)

    My Daddy is a Giant (Bulgarian-English) $20.95

    My daddy is a giant. When I want to cuddle him, I have to climb a ladder. He might sneeze like a hurricane and make the ground shake when he runs, but this daddy is a gentle giant. He loves his little boy with all his heart...

  • My Talking Dictionary: Book and CD ROM (Bulgarian-English)

    My Talking Dictionary: Book and CD ROM (Bulgarian-English) $55.50

    Make language learning fun with this unique bilingual picture dictionary which introduces 750 widely used words. Arranged thematically, with stunning illustrations, "My Talking Dictionary" is a visual treat and ideal for...

  • Nita Goes to Hospital (Bulgarian-English)

    Nita Goes to Hospital (Bulgarian-English) $23.95

    Nita breaks her leg and needs to be brave when she is taken to hospital. Chris Petty's beautifully made models in plasticine will help to ease children's fears and prepare them for their first hospital visit.

  • Rani and the Wicked Witch Queen (Bulgarian-English)

    Rani and the Wicked Witch Queen (Bulgarian-English) $23.95

    In this ancient Romani folktale from Central Europe, Rani meets a prince in the forest. He falls in love with Rani and wants to marry her but the wicked witch Morgana has a different plan... The story explores the classic...

  • The Giant Turnip (Bulgarian-English)

    The Giant Turnip (Bulgarian-English) $20.95

    This traditional story is set in an inner city school where the children have grown an enormous turnip! How can they pull it out? First the boys try and then the girls but the turnip will not move. They all try together but...

  • The Little Red Hen and The Grains of Wheat (Bulgarian-English)

    The Little Red Hen and The Grains of Wheat (Bulgarian-English) $20.95

    Little Red Hen finds some grains of wheat but when she asks the cat, the dog and the goose to help her plant them, they are all too busy. When Little Red Hen has finally grown the wheat, harvested it, turned it into flour...

  • The Pied Piper (Bulgarian-English)

    The Pied Piper (Bulgarian-English) $23.95

    Rats! Big rats, small rats, young rats and old rats! Enter a mysterious stranger... This sensitive retelling of the famous Pied Piper legend raises many moral and social issues as well as inspiring drama and music.

  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Bulgarian-English)

    The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Bulgarian-English) $20.95

    The three billy goats need to cross the bridge to get to the fresh, green grass. But under the bridge lives a fierce and hungry Troll. The first goat tells the Troll to wait for his brother who is much bigger than him. The...

  • The Wild Washerwomen (Bulgarian-English)

    The Wild Washerwomen (Bulgarian-English) $20.95

    Meet the washerwomen: Dottie, Lottie, Molly, Dolly, Winnie, Minnie, and Ernestine. They work from dusk till dawn scrubbing and soaping but their mound of grubby hankies and grimy nightshirts grows bigger by the day. When...