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  • Am I small? (Malayalam-English)

    Am I small? (Malayalam-English) $17.95

    Tamia is not sure and keeps asking various animals that she meets on her journey. Eventually she finds the surprising answer...

  • Baby Beboo Bear (Malayalam-English)

    Baby Beboo Bear (Malayalam-English) $14.95

    This is the story of Beboo, a baby sloth bear. Beboo lives in the jungle. Many other bears are not so lucky. They are caught by humans and made to dance on the streets of towns and cities for entertainment. This is also...

  • Click! (Malayalam-English)

    Click! (Malayalam-English) $13.95

    Striking pictures by first time photographers capture everything as vast as the sky and as tiny as a worm with equal delight and fresh, new perspectives.

  • Deepak's Diwali (Malayalam-English)

    Deepak's Diwali (Malayalam-English) $23.95

    It's the worst Diwali ever! Dad has forgotten the sparklers, the fairylights are broken and, after hearing the story of Rama and Sita, Deepak is sure that Ravana the demon king is after him. Part of Mantra Lingua's...

  • Dinaben and the Lions of Gir (Malayalam-English)

    Dinaben and the Lions of Gir (Malayalam-English) $15.95

    Dinaben is a Maldhari and her village is right in the middle of the Gir forest where the lions live. How does she live? What does she do? This book offers glimpses into the many aspects of life in the forest through simple...

  • Farmer Duck (Malayalam-English)

    Farmer Duck (Malayalam-English) $22.95

    There once was a duck who had the bad luck to live with a lazy farmer. While the duck worked, the farmer lay in bed - until one day the other animals decided to take action!

  • Five Little Monkeys (Malayalam-English)

    Five Little Monkeys (Malayalam-English) $15.95

    Mister Crocodile gets very angry when five little monkeys tease him from a tree. Aaaaaaaa... gobak! What happens then? An old favourite is infused with rhythm, repetition and bilingual flavour, to create an unforgettable...

  • Follow the Ants (Malayalam-English)

    Follow the Ants (Malayalam-English) $12.95

    Across the room, over a table, under a chair... Anita follows a long line of ants. Where do they take her? Zestful pictures capture the curiosity of a lively little girl and introduce young readers to some simple, everyday...

  • Have you seen this? (Malayalam-English)

    Have you seen this? (Malayalam-English) $13.95

    It's a very mixed-up world where flowers talk and trees fly! The goofy text of this mad little bilingual spins on whacky illustrations that whirl the reader along.

  • I'm Going to the Zoo! (Malayalam-English)

    I'm Going to the Zoo! (Malayalam-English) $18.95

    Simple verse captures the who’s who at the zoo and what they are up to! Minimalist illustrations with clean lines and uncluttered scenes play up animal shapes and sizes as the little girl strolls through the pages...

  • Line and Circle (Malayalam-English)

    Line and Circle (Malayalam-English) $13.50

    Here is a line, there is a circle. Line meets circle and together they have lots of fun making things.... a bird, a wheel, a kite.

  • Little Frog (Malayalam-English)

    Little Frog (Malayalam-English) $13.95

    Little Frog, who has lived all his life as a tadpole in the water so far, leaps on to land for the first time when he grows into a frog. He is surprised to find the land dry and he asks his mother when it will rain. When the...

  • Look Up (Malayalam-English)

    Look Up (Malayalam-English) $13.95

    The sky is the limit as two children go cloud watching! Muted pastel colours create a soft, fluffy feel for a playful story that unfolds in the blue sky and on the ground!

  • Malli is Coming! (Malayalam-English)

    Malli is Coming! (Malayalam-English) $13.95

    A music-loving, terrace-gardening grandmother puts creative hats on her grandchildren as they think of what to give their favourite cousin. This sequel to the ever-popular Malli comes wrapped in a vibrant palette, and once...

  • Miaow! (Malayalam-English)

    Miaow! (Malayalam-English) $13.95

    A black cat with bright green eyes becomes a white cat with bright green eyes. How does this happen? But this is only the beginning of the adventure.

  • My House (Malayalam-English)

    My House (Malayalam-English) $13.95

    Pranav wants Maya to come to his house. "Why?" Maya wants to know. Bright pictures form a cheery backdrop to a narrative that sees a house through a child's eyes, and makes a good introduction to colours.

  • Neelu's Big Box (Malayalam-English)

    Neelu's Big Box (Malayalam-English) $12.95

    A big box, her grandparents' walking sticks… Neelu has everything she needs for her big, strong fort. But she trips and falls, and the box becomes flat! Whacky pictures take us on a colourful ride into a child's...

  • No! (Malayalam-English)

    No! (Malayalam-English) $13.95

    Papa tries to wake up Annika, but all Annika says is "No!". What does Papa do now? Playful and endearing pictures capture a spirited little girl in a familiar morning scene in many homes.

  • Not Yet! (Malayalam-English)

    Not Yet! (Malayalam-English) $17.95

    "My dear, it’s time for bed," says Ma. But "Can a frog stand on its head?" wonders her little girl. Lost in a world where she must learn to fly with birds in the sky, snuggle a whale, kiss the kangaroo... she has so...

  • One and Many (Malayalam-English)

    One and Many (Malayalam-English) $15.95

    One me and many friends, one pond and many fishes… So much fun in so many! A book about the one and the many in our world full of differences, with illustrations that capture that world in joyous detail.