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  • Bru-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha... Bru-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi (Tagalog-English)

    Bru-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha... Bru-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    Should one judge a person based on their physical appearance? Learn about the sad life of an old lady and how she was accepted by our young protagonist in this story of laughter and understanding.

  • But That Won't Make Me Sleep (Tagalog-English)

    But That Won't Make Me Sleep (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    Maya is having a hard time going to sleep. Nanay has tried almost everything, but Maya still lies awake with her eyes wide open. What is keeping Maya from falling asleep?

  • But That Won't Wake Me Up! (Tagalog-English)

    But That Won't Wake Me Up! (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    Tomorrow is a school day. Maya is worried that she won't wake up early. But Nanay has some wonderful ideas on how to wake her up.

  • Five Meters of Time (Tagalog-English)

    Five Meters of Time (Tagalog-English) $17.95

    What happens if the world unexpectedly stands still for a moment? If, just like that, you are given a bit of time by sheer luck? This is exactly what happens in one of the biggest and busiest cities of the world, as a small...

  • Fox Fables (Tagalog-English)

    Fox Fables (Tagalog-English) $23.95

    Fables have always shown us the fundamental truths of human nature. This new dual-language series from Mantra Lingua is a fantastic way to explore the rich diversity of fables from different cultures. Each book consists of...

  • Hating Kapatid (Tagalog-English)

    Hating Kapatid (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    Kuya and I always share food. But why is his share always bigger? Is this what fair share means?

  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Tagalog-English)

    Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Tagalog-English) $15.95

    A brilliant board book for babies, toddlers and their parents to enjoy together. A great introduction to books through a well known nursery song and interactive text.

  • Hipon and Biya (Tagalog-English)

    Hipon and Biya (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    On the white sand of a coral reef lived a shrimp and a goby fish. Although they were not of the same sort, they lived happily together. In this simple tale of friendship, find out how two different species realize how much...

  • How Long Till September? (Tagalog-English)

    How Long Till September? (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    A girl enjoys the different activities each month brings, but deep in her heart, she wonders about one thing: how long till September?

  • I'm Coming to Get You (Tagalog-English)

    I'm Coming to Get You (Tagalog-English) $20.95

    After chomping his way through the planets of his own galaxy, a hungry monster sets off in his spaceship in search of a new planet to gobble up. He sets his sights on a pretty blue planet called Earth. Little Tommy Brown,...

  • In Here, Out There! (Tagalog-English)

    In Here, Out There! (Tagalog-English) $17.95

    Bilingual edition English-Tagalog: "In here, out there!" - When the neighbor complains, Ruby teases and the kindergarten teacher keeps nagging, Joseph couldn't care less. Luckily, you have two ears: one for in and one for...

  • La-on and the Seven-Headed Dragon (Tagalog-English)

    La-on and the Seven-Headed Dragon (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    Read the exciting tale of the origin of Mount Kanlaon and how the young La-on saves the terror-stricken kingdom of King Kabugnot from the deadly claws of a seven-headed dragon.

  • Li's Chinese New Year (Tagalog-English)

    Li's Chinese New Year (Tagalog-English) $23.95

    It's nearly the New Year and Li can't figure out what animal he's going to be in the special school assembly. Will he be a fierce tiger or a strong ox? And what year will his new cousin be born in? Find each of the 12 zodiac...

  • Lima's Red Hot Chilli (Tagalog-English)

    Lima's Red Hot Chilli (Tagalog-English) $20.95

    Take one little hungry girl, six different tempting foods and one shiny delicious red hot chilli. One big bite into the chilli results in a spectacular display of fireworks. Mum, dad, aunt and grandad all come to help but...

  • Lola Puti (Tagalog-English)

    Lola Puti (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    A story of a grandmother and a young boy who loves to ponder on math problems

  • Mahabang-mahabang-mahaba (Tagalog-English)

    Mahabang-mahabang-mahaba (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    My name is very, very, very, very long. When I write it down, I get really tired. One line of paper isn’t enough for my name to fit into. Even if I keep writing until the back of my paper, I still can’t write it...

  • Maia's Birthday Party (Tagalog-English)

    Maia's Birthday Party (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    Maia is five years old today. She-???æs having spaghetti, cake, and ice cream at the orphanage where she used to live. It-???æs a happy day for Maia and her friends. Come and join her birthday party!

  • Manik Buangsi (Tagalog-English)

    Manik Buangsi (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    From the Samals in the southern Philippines comes this story of undying love between a mortal and an immortal. Manik Buangsi, the handsome price of the sky, falls in love with Tuan Putli, the daughter of a sultan. Can Tuan...

  • Mario's Special Day (Tagalog-English)

    Mario's Special Day (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    Today is a very special day for Mario - he-???æs going to the zoo! But is he just imagining it, or are various animals popping out of each corner of their house?

  • Mister Beetle's Many Rooms (Tagalog-English)

    Mister Beetle's Many Rooms (Tagalog-English) $13.95

    Mr. Beetle posted a sign in front of his house that read - This House of Five Rooms belongs to Mr.Beetle. No Trespassing Please. But soon, other creatures came to live in his house and his house seemed to be growing new...