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  • Aana and Chena (Marathi-English)

    Aana and Chena (Marathi-English) $12.95

    Aana the elephant doesn't like his looks. But Chena the yam says he's beautiful. How? asks Aana. The story is about a self-conscious elephant who learns to accept himself with the help of his friend. "Aray mujhe dekho...

  • Am I small? (Marathi-English)

    Am I small? (Marathi-English) $17.95

    Tamia is not sure and keeps asking various animals that she meets on her journey. Eventually she finds the surprising answer...

  • Balu's Basket (Marathi-English)

    Balu's Basket (Marathi-English) $15.95

    One day, Balu finds a basket. What does he do with it. Bright, clean pictures create a cheerful backdrop for this fruit-filled book.

  • Blackboard (Marathi-English)

    Blackboard (Marathi-English) $14.95

    The pages in this unique book work in pairs, with the picture on the left suggesting stories that children can develop on their own using the verbal and visual clues on the right.

  • Carry me. Mama! (Marathi-English)

    Carry me. Mama! (Marathi-English) $13.95

    Ducks, tigers, pangolins, penguins.... This book introduces young readers to a variety of animals and the different ways in which they carry their young. Bold illustrations set against textured backgrounds portray the...

  • Click! (Marathi-English)

    Click! (Marathi-English) $13.95

    Striking pictures by first time photographers capture everything as vast as the sky and as tiny as a worm with equal delight and fresh, new perspectives.

  • Five Little Monkeys (Marathi-English)

    Five Little Monkeys (Marathi-English) $15.95

    Mister Crocodile gets very angry when five little monkeys tease him from a tree. Aaaaaaaa... gobak! What happens then? An old favourite is infused with rhythm, repetition and bilingual flavour, to create an unforgettable...

  • Follow the Ants (Marathi-English)

    Follow the Ants (Marathi-English) $12.95

    Across the room, over a table, under a chair... Anita follows a long line of ants. Where do they take her? Zestful pictures capture the curiosity of a lively little girl and introduce young readers to some simple, everyday...

  • Four Friends (Marathi-English)

    Four Friends (Marathi-English) $13.95

    Big Hunter catches poor Deer in a net. Can Deer's friends help him escape? A well-loved fable about friendship and resourcefulness, simply told. The illustrations have the strong lines, vivid colours and animation of...

  • Guddu's Photo (Marathi-English)

    Guddu's Photo (Marathi-English) $14.95

    Guddu-???+-¬s mother wants to take a photo of him. But Guddu will not smile! A child-???+-¬s toys come to life in Nandini Nayar-???+-¬s story. Zeel Sanghvi-???+-¬s animated illustrations are picture perfect...

  • Have you seen this? (Marathi-English)

    Have you seen this? (Marathi-English) $12.95

    It's a very mixed-up world where flowers talk and trees fly! The goofy text of this mad little bilingual spins on whacky illustrations that whirl the reader along.

  • Jalebi Curls (Marathi-English)

    Jalebi Curls (Marathi-English) $13.95

    The raja loves jalebis. He even dreams of them. Then the dream becomes a nightmare. The brief text of this mad little book is dramatically set off by illustrations that play with curls and colours.

  • Lai-Lai The Baby Elephant (Marathi-English)

    Lai-Lai The Baby Elephant (Marathi-English) $14.95

    Lai-Lai the baby elephant is curious and playful but, like all little children, stays close to his mother. Next in the series after Takdir the Tiger Cub, the world of wild elephants is explored this time through stunning...

  • Look Up (Marathi-English)

    Look Up (Marathi-English) $13.95

    The sky is the limit as two children go cloud watching! Muted pastel colours create a soft, fluffy feel for a playful story that unfolds in the blue sky and on the ground!

  • Malli (Marathi-English)

    Malli (Marathi-English) $13.95

    Malli's uncle and family from the city have come to her village. She wants to take some gifts for them but has only one rupee. However, as she sets off on her way, her little basket slowly fills up . . .This story is about...

  • Malli is Coming! (Marathi-English)

    Malli is Coming! (Marathi-English) $13.95

    A music-loving, terrace-gardening grandmother puts creative hats on her grandchildren as they think of what to give their favourite cousin. This sequel to the ever-popular Malli comes wrapped in a vibrant palette, and once...

  • Miaow! (Marathi-English)

    Miaow! (Marathi-English) $12.95

    A black cat with bright green eyes becomes a white cat with bright green eyes. How does this happen? But this is only the beginning of the adventure.

  • Monday to Sunday (Marathi-English)

    Monday to Sunday (Marathi-English) $13.95

    On Monday Mani is a monkey, on Tuesday he-???+-?-+s a crocodile, on Wednesday... A days-of-the-week book that gives a real ride to the imagination.

  • My Grandfather's Stick (Marathi-English)

    My Grandfather's Stick (Marathi-English) $12.95

    It can fly and do magic. It is a horse and also a pencil. What is it? A charming story with bright, endearing illustrations.

  • 9.79E+12

    My House (Marathi-English) $13.95

    Pranav wants Maya to come to his house. "Why?" Maya wants to know. Bright pictures form a cheery backdrop to a narrative that sees a house through a child's eyes, and makes a good introduction to colours.