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  • Balu's Basket (Kannada-English)

    Balu's Basket (Kannada-English) $14.95

    One day, Balu finds a basket. What does he do with it. Bright, clean pictures create a cheerful backdrop for this fruit-filled book.

  • Monday to Sunday (Kannada-English)

    Monday to Sunday (Kannada-English) $11.95

    On Monday Mani is a monkey, on Tuesday he-???+-¬s a crocodile, on Wednesday... A days-of-the-week book that gives a real ride to the imagination.

  • My Grandfather's Stick (Kannada-English)

    My Grandfather's Stick (Kannada-English) $12.95

    It can fly and do magic. It is a horse and also a pencil. What is it? A charming story with bright, endearing illustrations.

  • Night (Kannada-English)

    Night (Kannada-English) $12.95

    What happens when two children find themselves wandering the night in a forest? It is a world of giant trees, sudden sounds and unseen shadows. The arresting black and white illustrations convey a sense of the...

  • The Red Umbrella (Kannada-English)

    The Red Umbrella (Kannada-English) $12.95

    Drip, drip, drip! It-???+-¬s raining. What happens when seven animals have to share one small umbrella? Cheery pictures liven up this old folktale about sharing retold with a twist.

  • The Seed (Kannada-English)

    The Seed (Kannada-English) $11.95

    A little girl discovers a seed one day. She puts it in a pot -?? and then begins the thrill of watching it grow. Will it grow tall? Will it have fruit? Or flowers? The wonder and excitement of emerging new life comes through...

  • Up Down (Kannada-English)

    Up Down (Kannada-English) $11.95

    Little Appu wants to play on the seesaw. But who will sit on the other side? A grasshopper? Or a mouse? Or . . .? A wonderfully simple approach to the concepts of light and heavy, up and down, aided by dynamic, lovable...

  • Watch Out! (Kannada-English)

    Watch Out! (Kannada-English) $11.95

    Inspired by the endangered Asiatic lion found in the Gir forest, Gujarat, this book follows the playful adventures of three curious lion cubs while their mother is away. Minimal text and lively illustrations with an edge of...

  • Where did it go (Kannada-English)

    Where did it go? (Kannada-English) $11.95

    What did Kabir find and where did it go? Will he find it again? The simple text is accompanied by graphic pictures lending an interactive dimension to this lost-and-found story. Pictures match clues in the text offering many...